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Telephone Services

At Durham Office Services, we provide you with a dedicated telephone number, and handle your telephone calls professionally in a manner representing, and reflective of, your individual business.

Our versatile service means we can be your permanent, part-time or temporary receptionist – answering your telephone calls all day, when you’re busy and don’t want to be disturbed, or just when you’re away. We also protect you from those time-wasting sales calls, while capturing every opportunity.

We can also divert calls directly to you if you require use of a dedicated telephone number only. Out of hours, we offer a secure voicemail service and daily message reporting.

Key benefits of professional phone answering

  • Promotes a professional image
  • Calls answered by a human voice
  • Every business opportunity captured and actioned
  • Cost effective
  • Cold call filtering.

How it works

  • We provide you with a dedicated number
  • We set up your business profile on our system
  • On receipt of a call we can take a message and email it directly to you and/or a member of your staff, transfer the call, or send an SMS, depending on your requirements.

What’s in a number?

Durham Office Services provide you with the telephone number to suit your needs.

  • 0191 375 **** – providing you with a local presence in the Durham area
  • Other localised geographic numbers – providing you with a local presence in any area of the country
  • Non-geographic numbers (0300/0303) – ideal for businesses wanting to provide services nationally rather than locally, or to promote a national rather than a local image.

Telephone services pricing

All prices shown are excluding VAT.

Telephone answering packages

Our telephone answering packages are based on the number of calls that you expect to receive. Email messages are included free of charge.

Monthly package* Monthly 25 Monthly 60 Monthly 120 Monthly 250
Cost per month £25.00 £65.00 £120.00 £200.00
Excess calls charged @ £1.20 £0.95 £0.75 £0.50

*Initial three-month contract; rolling one month thereafter.


Holiday cover Mon-Fri (Week 1) Mon-Fri (subsequent weeks) Daily rate (less than one week)
Cost £20.00 £10.00 £5.00 per day


Telephone numbers

We offer a range of numbers based on the requirements of your business.

0191 375 **** (local presence in the Durham area) Other geographic (variety of area codes) Non-geographic (0300/0303)
Setup cost Free of charge £40.00 £40.00
Monthly line rental charge applied if used for direct call forwarding only (i.e. no telephone answering)* £15.00 £15.00 £15.00

*In addition, call forwarding is charged at the current BT rate, based on the duration of the forwarded call.


Additional messaging

Messaging SMS Voicemail
Cost £0.15 per message £5.00 per month


Get in touch

Email us or call 0191 375 5700 to find out more about our telephone services and how you can use them to benefit your business. 

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