Make our Portland House HQ the registered office address of your business

Registered Office Addresses

Durham Office Services provide cost-effective registered office addresses for companies throughout Durham and the North East of England, and across England and Wales. Our Business Address Packages include the use of our address as your registered office. More info and pricing can be found here.

How our registered office service works

    1. Contact us to request use of our address in Durham – proof of identity is required.
    2. Register/re-register the business at Companies House using our address.
    3. Mail will be sent to your business at our address – you can choose to collect it from us, or we can forward it to you at cost.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need a registered office address?

All UK limited companies are required to have a UK-registered office address, but sole traders do not need one.


What are the criteria for a registered office address?

A registered office address cannot be a post office, and needs to be a genuine physical location in the same country of the UK in which your company is registered.

Scottish-registered companies therefore have to be registered to a Scottish address, Northern Irish companies to an address in Northern Ireland, and those in England and Wales to an address in those countries.

The registered office address need not necessarily be the place where you carry out your day-to-day business, but it must be a location that is capable of receiving notices, letters and reminders from Companies House and HMRC.


Who can see my registered office address?

Your registered company address will be publicly visible on the Companies House website.

It is also a legal requirement to display your registered company address on official company stationery, paperwork and, under the 2006 Companies Act, on your company websites as well as on any electronic communications, such as emails.


Can I use a home address?

Though it is entirely legal to use a home address as a registered office address, many home-based limited companies choose instead to use the address of a provider like Durham Office Services – it not only prevents the business owner’s home address from being publicised, but also conveys a more professional image.


What if I have a different trading address?

If you have a trading address – such as a shop or office location that customers visit – that is different to the registered office address, this should be made clear on your website and other communications to avoid any confusion for your visitors.

Any questions?

To find out more about using our registered office service, or if you have any questions you would like to ask us, call 0191 375 5700 or email

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