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About Durham Office Services

Part of the larger Durham Business Group, Durham Office Services was set up in 2011 to offer businesses in the North East and beyond a whole range of practical virtual office services – everything from call answering, messaging and secretarial services to business addresses, meeting rooms, managed office spaces and a coworking area with hot desks.

Proudly part of Durham Business Group

Durham Business Group (NE) Ltd is a not-for-profit organisation run by and for business owners and managers. The organisation traces its origins back to 1981, and the establishment of Durham Business Club as a support network for local businesses in County Durham and the North East of England, with a regular programme of networking events.

Since 1983, to keep the Club independent and financially self sufficient, we have always run a small business of our own. Today, Durham Office Services is the business side of the Group, offering its virtual office services to both Club members (at a discounted rate) and a much wider pool of hundreds of businesses across the UK and further afield.

Profits from Durham Office Services are reinvested into Durham Business Club, to help the organisation continue to be a support and champion for enterprise in the North East.

Let us know how we can help

For further information about Durham Office Services contact us by email, or give us a call on 0191 375 5700.


The Durham Office Services team

  • Alison Gittins

    Alison Gittins

    Alison is CEO of Durham Business Group - comprising Durham Office Services as well as Durham Business Club and The Executive Group - and oversees the group’s day to day operations, including managing the team and developing the Group’s services.
  • Aprile Field

    Aprile Field

    Aprile is our Office Manager, with responsibility for managing Durham Office Services. She keeps Portland House functioning efficiently behind the scenes on a day-to-day basis, and is experienced in setting up and welcoming our new clients.
  • Marie Nesbit

    Marie Nesbit

    Marie is our Customer Relations Manager, with responsibility for making sure that Durham Office Services clients - including our managed office tenants, meeting room users, and those employing our virtual services - have everything that they need. Marie also supports Alison with managing Durham Business Club and Executive Group events.
  • Sue Park

    Sue Park

    As our administrator, Sue works across all aspects of Durham Business Group’s work, including helping Alison, answering calls, being a friendly face at reception, and assisting our Office Services clients.

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